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Runes Of Magic provide its new web page of Chapter ?,Land of Despaic, The mysterious Demon Sismond has Tera Gold unleashed a horrible epidemic on the land, turning total villages into soulless zombies. As well as the dreaded Annelia, daughter of Lord Grafu, has grown to be his apprentice to hone her evil abilities Instance: Sardo Castle (Amount buy wow gold 67) (six / 12 Gamers).

Cant wait to start out your new excursion on this land? Just wait s 2nd and stop by, stuff adequate Runes Of Magic Gold ( rom gold ) prior to your sport is aways the smart choice. is often a occupation gold web-site which previous provide wow gold as famed, now can purchase runes of magic gold likewise,

Check potent options has been euiped during this new chapter!

Selection of New Third Class :

Once your character has reached amount twenty with both key and secondary courses, you may acquire a message indicating that a third course is available

Two New Zones for Third Course Development

Coast of Possibility (Levels 142)

Xaviera (Amounts 4350)

Two New High-Level Zones

Land of Malevolence (Levels 6365)

Redhill Mountains (Ranges 6667)

New Instances

Instance: Grafu Castle (Stage 67)  (6 / 12 Players)

New Manifeste Encounter

A new manifeste encounter awaits you in the Land of Malevolence. An outdated lakeside cemetery, which was as soon as focused to honourable warriors, is now overrun by zombies.

World Battlefields

With Chapter IV, we have been opening the gates to the Earth Battlefields, which can be accessed by way of a portal in Silverspring or at Dirt Devil Canyon. Enter the battlefield and stand beside your comrades-in-arms.

Level Cap Elevated to 67

Are you solid adequate? Using the release of Chapter IV, we have been raising the level cap over again. Take your character on the new serious: level 67! You will be able to learn even better weapons and dress in superior armour. Your stats and capabilities will probably be off the charts along with your hero prepared for your adventures that lie in advance.

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