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That year, as well as the "world of warcraft" for that ranking 1st "the everlasting tower" of your state, and nowadays along with the everlasting tower world of warcraft gold "competition" TERA "have some similarities. Even Korean media studies of your way also extremely close, "the eternal tower time is due the previous, TERA occasions coming". In contrast to two years ago, the sole difference may be the everlasting tower "with the" wow ", "the TERA" in to the everlasting tower ".

However contrast cost after a several months in the state, the TERA "and that" the eternal tower "will be drastically diverse. 2009 costs immediately after three months of the everlasting tower ", continuous of greater than the globe of warcraft occupy the MMORPG the throne on the 1st position; Today's "TERA", but were not as Korea's media beforehand anticipated that race in his 1st time.

However, this period, its largest competitor "world of warcraft" may be had lots of troubles. Han2 fu2 world of warcraft within the update of wrath in the lich king "later, with a really serious card machine phenomenon, make gamers in some months time are unable to standard recreation, the indignant people collective toward the truthful trade commission in complaints. It will make the wrath of your lich king, "not only did not appeal to gamers, conversely make a lot of gamers depart.

Catch rivals error, the eternal tower "on March four, 2009 update of good results is leaving the retain your people. The update public heaven as well as hidden location, but simultaneously the great stage cap, from the new character set and props, make senior gamers are the moment much more to "the eternal tower" generates fascination, weathered the crisis, become the nationwide initial recreation up to now.

The TERA "after the open up beta examination, han2 fu2" the eternal tower "in leading even with transient shake, but soon resumed stability. And deal with the TERA "charge will convey the reduction on the customer prospect," the everlasting tower "decisive launched" the god's name "the hottest version update, all over again capture people, proved the eternal tower" attraction..

For present-day "TERA" speaking, want to avoid the crisis, only new new subject material. But while in the fierce competitors with the on-line market place, option won't previous perpetually. Should the TERA "failed to update while in the has impressive achievements, there may possibly be like other online, because it has grown to be a glimpse appropriate into a shooting star. Conversely, the TERA "the if can like 2009's" the eternal tower "update that productive in attracting people, so, the TERA" is likely to be yet another type of South Korea countrywide MMORPG.

In February 2009, charge Several months in the eternal tower "ushered in wow gold the 1st crisis. Many plugin people ruin the sport stability, high-level player started to complain about submissions are inadequate, the quantity of buy world of warcraft gold on the net will also be progressively significantly less. South Korea on the stock industry had analysts pointed out that "the eternal tower" only in short-term warm. (the charming within the everlasting tower "position, and might now as opposed to TERA" also lousy.)

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