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The simple answer is no, you don't. Thanks seo to the Space Collective you can now buy all of your space memorabilia from  our UK Space Shop! In our

NASA. Space. Astronomy. What more could a space buff ask for? Well, here are a few things.
I want to buy a NASA T-Shirt? oh wait, I have to buy it from a space shop in America, which means ludicrous delivery costs and unpredictable customs and import tax - but to top it off I also have to wait 2-4 weeks for my space memorabilia to arrive? OR DO I?!

NASA Gift store you will find everything from genuine NASA Replica Spacesuits, Flight Suits, NASA Jackets and NASA T-shirts to NASA's very own Space Pens, NASA Watches, and Flown in Space artefacts, Astronaut Autographs and NASA Sweets and Treats.

The Space Collective was founded by a space buff just like yourself who one day said 'to hell with it', and strived to build the first UK Space Shop and his efforts finally paid off - the result is the Space Collective. No more do the space buff society have to dish out their dollars (or pounds in this case) on over-priced NASA memorabilia, oh no, you can find all of your NASA merchandise right on your doorstep.

If you are a space buff, and I assume as much, then you will enjoy our huge collection of official NASA Mission Patches and NASA Mission Badges. The Space Collective works closely with the official suppliers of the NASA Astronaut Office, of whom supplies all mission patches to our UK space store!

Our UK Space Store also has limited edition NASA Badge Sets, Space Food and more! We are also proud to sell a hefty collection of unique Astronaut Autographs from the likes of Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and many more of our very own space heroes!

And it doesn't end there? here at the Space Collective we offer a limited, albeit a fantastic supply of actual Flown in Space Artefacts! These artefacts include items from the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, ISS, MIR, Skylab, and Shuttle Programs. Imagine owning a real piece of space history!

But you don't wow gold for sale have to take our word for it? take a look for yourself. We are the Space Collective, the largest UK Space Shop there is and we're proud of it!

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